To help Canadian businesses be even more innovative and creative in the e-commerce arena, to enable them to capture their target customer base and be more competitive, the Government of Canada has created the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). This program is being implemented in Quebec through a strategic alliance between the Réseau des Sociétés d’aide au développement des collectivités and the Centres d’aide aux entreprises (SADCs & CAEs) and the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ) to strengthen their joint mission of supporting regional economic development.

The Grow Your Business Online Grant

To fuel economic recovery, jobs and growth, the Canadian Digital Adoption Program proposes two concrete actions:


  • Creating a network of 260 e-commerce advisors;
  • Awarding 6,280  “Grow Your Business Online” micro-grants of up to $2,400.


The network brings together 57 Sociétés d’aide au développement des collectivités (SADCs) and 10 Centres d’aides aux entreprises (CAEs), that have been working for over 40 years in the economic development of regions of Quebec. More specifically, 400 professionals and more than 600 volunteers assist and finance each year nearly 10,000 entrepreneurs and 2,000 collective projects for successful communities. SADCs and CAEs provide entrepreneurs with personalized assistance, as well as flexible funding solutions suited to respond to their needs. Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions provides financial support to SADCs and CAEs.


The Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ) is the largest group of business people and businesses in Quebec. With its wide network of nearly 125 chambers of commerce and 1,100 corporate members, the FCCQ represents more than 50,000 businesses across the province. The FCCQ fosters the implementation of initiatives that contribute towards the socio-economic development, as well as the accelerated efforts of Quebec businesses to adapt to global economic changes.